Van Mark – NailHawg 31″ long Magnetic Nail Sweepers


The industry’s strongest magnet assembly, combined with a bigger pick-up area, make this rugged tool the best value for the money. Keep your job site from digging its nails into your cleanup routine with NailHawg.

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  • Unique foot or hand debris release-ergonomic for the tool user.
  • Lifetime magnetics with 140/160 lbs. deadlift-gets nails others miss.
  • 7″ steel wheels w/rubber tread & bearings-won’t seize up on the job.
  • Multiple height adjustments from 1 to 2 1/2″-not limited to paved areas.
  • Full anodized body for rugged durability-outlast cheaper imitations.
  • Unit stands upright when not in use-makes tool easy to spot and use.
  • Van Mark Products replacement parts & tune-up kits are still availble for every brake/saw table ever manufactured.

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Weight 20 lbs


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