Inaccurate / Damaged Material Claim Form

Though we take utmost care to provide our customers with the roofing material of exact and accurate dimensions as ordered, we will assist you if you have any concerns regarding inaccurate or damaged materials received from our end.

We take all our customer complaints seriously.

Please fill in the inaccurate/damaged materials claims form below in order for a prompt and efficient handling of your claim. The claim form should be submitted within 30 days of receiving materials from our end. All claims under our materials and workmanship warranty will be entertained.

Please fill in the below inaccurate/damaged materials claims form completely and correctly, omissions and misinformation may result in the delay or denial of your claim. If possible, submit photographs of the damaged/inaccurate material, this will assist in the claim investigation.

Once all information about the claim is received, the investigation can begin. During the investigation period, we will keep you updated on the status at an interval of not more than 45 days.

Assuring you of the best of our services.

Metal Alliance Warranty Sample