Shop Drawings For Your Metal Roofing Installation With An Engineered Take Off

Shop drawings should always be prepared for metal decking projects regardless of project size. Shop drawings for your metal roofing installation will ensure that your installation runs smoothly as the installer knows what materials they have, where they belong in your project, and how to attach it. Shop drawings or technical drawings show information that enables the manufacturers to determine what the end product should look like, and how it should function. Modern-day shop drawings are created using CAD software like AutoCAD or Revit for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Our experienced and trained technicians provide you with computer-engineered shop drawings for your roofing project in a graphical visual format, so you have a clear understanding of what your roofing installation will look like when it is installed. This way, your installer will not have any confusion about the correct size of the panel to use during installation.


Some of the key benefits of getting shop drawings for your metal roofing installation:

  • Clear design information and assembly instructions
  • Accurate costing
  • You can create duplicates of the same product
  • Accounting of components
  • Corrections before use
  • Uniform style of presentation

Start Early

Once the shop drawings for your metal roofing installation are submitted to you, you can submit them to the architect or structural engineer of record for approval or revisions. If any revisions are suggested to the shop drawings, we will make the necessary changes with our comments that can be resubmitted to the structural engineer for approval.

It is important to start shop drawings right after receiving a contract to stay on schedule. Typically, a subcontractor cannot order metal roofing until the shop drawings are approved. Once shop drawings for your metal roofing installation are checked for discrepancies and dimensional differences, it’s time to order your metal roofing materials.



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