Non-Standard, Cut To Size Metal Coils Of Varying Lengths

Roofing contractors are looking to reduce inventory, holding and processing costs, and want customized solutions in order to optimize costs. They prefer buying custom size or cut to size metal coils, rather than the conventional sheets and coils. To cut coils into sizes that would befit your requirements, Northeast Metal Supplies uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to cut coils into sizes, providing you with exactly what you want. Our versatile line of equipment performs various functions, like de-coiling, leveling, shearing, and stacking.

Cut to length (CTL) lines cut metal coils into sheets of non-standard varying lengths, according to the needs of the project, which helps in minimizing waste and reducing the cost of production. To ensure flatness, we not only straighten the metal coil but also remove internal tension from the material, which is of paramount importance for laser treatments. Our CTL lines have several solutions for protecting the metal sheets against damage at every stage, right up to the final positioning on the pallet.


Optimizing loss and increasing yield for customers

In the process of cut to size metal coils, the metal coils are straightened and leveled into sheets of the required sizes. The process to cut coils into sizes involves straitening, shearing, etc. by various machines and equipment. The component of a cut to size metal coil has a de-coiler, pinch roll/flattener, and a shear and limit switch suitable for lengths. This unique process to cut coils into sizes is required to convert the coil into flat sheets, whereby the coil is opened, the material is flattered, and cut into the desired length.

Our CTL lines are equipped with start-stop shears, flying shears, rotating shears, air cushions, and can process thicknesses of up to 10 mm, which distinguishes the line from others available in the market. Cut to size materials optimize loss and increase yield for our customers.


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