Warranty Form To Provide You Peace Of Mind And Enjoy Your New Roof

For metal roofing projects, it’s important to get the best quality material as a replacement can be quite pricey, depending on the size, pitch, and type of the material used in your roofing. Homeowner insurance will not cover these expenses, so you need to fill appropriate warranty form to protect your investments in the roofing. By filing warranty form and taking the appropriate warranty, your costs related to damaged parts, and their repair or replacement will be covered. Note that warranties are provided on material, weathertightness, paint, etc. and not on installations. You need to take a separate warranty for workmanship to cover installation faults.

Different warranty forms cover different warranties

Note that coverage will pertain to the actual extent of the warranty, and how far will it provide coverage. Some warranties cover repairs only, some workmanship, and some also cover replacement during the warranty period. If you are not sure which type of warranty will be best suited to you while filling out the warranty form, you can talk to our expert, and we will advise you about the right warranty form to fill, and even how to fill it up.

Warranty form should be filled within 30 days of purchase

Please provide all the details correctly, including personal contact details and basic technical information, like the roof slope, coil TAG number, type of metal substrate used, and name of the installer. You will find these details in the supplier bill and installer bill. Make sure that you provide all these details, because an incompletely filled or inaccurately filled warranty form may result in delay or denial of the warranty benefits. Make sure that the warranty form is submitted within the stipulated time period. If in any confusion, please talk to our customer care, and we will be happy to assist you.

By filling our warranty form, you will have nothing to worry about, rather just enjoy your new roof.

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