Warranty Form, Sample Warranty Agreement, Inaccurate / Damaged Material Claim Form, Weathertightness Warranties

Metal roofing is a big investment, and it is important to get the right product with the correct dimensions to protect your investment. You need to ensure that how the product will be covered if there is a problem. The last thing you will want to pay for a new metal roof and not knowing your options about them. It’s here that warranties come into play. Warranties ensure that you are getting the right product that will perform as per the specifications. Warranties are crucial for your investment and long-term peace of mind.

When you order your metal roofing supplies from Northeast Metal Supplies, you can be assured of getting the best quality and high performing materials for use in your specific project types. And to ensure this and provide you with peace of mind, we provide weathertightness warranties on all our products.

Materials and weathertightness warranties

Materials warranty protects you against cracks, fading, or peeling but it will not cover an incorrect installation. A weathertightness warranty protects your roof system from the elements, and provides you with added peace of mind that your investment in metal roofing is well protected. It is usually priced per square foot. Weathertightness warranties can also be purchased for metal wall systems in addition to metal roofing.

Know about inclusions and exclusions

Please familiarize yourself with all warranty forms, sample warranty agreement, damaged materials claims forms, weathertightness warranties, and inclusions/exclusions and other warranty considerations.

You can download the below warranty form, sample warranty agreement, inaccurate/damaged materials claims form, and weathertightness warranties, as required, and submit them to us. Our concerned department will look into your matter, and your concern will be addressed promptly, including the replacement of material as per the warranty terms.