Coils And Sheets

Metal Roofing Coils, Painted Aluminum Sheets And Painted Aluminum Coils In Standard And Custom Specifications

Northeast Metal Supplies provides high-quality metal roofing coils, painted aluminum coils, painted aluminum sheets, and other roofing materials for a variety of roofing uses and applications. With our world-class pain line, we have become the leading painted aluminum coils and metal sheets supplier Connecticut. We offer full range of engineered metal roofing solutions to building contractors, engineers, and construction project managers. Whether your design calls for bright, high-performance fluorocarbon colors or a natural weathered appearance, our painted aluminum sheets New Jersey have got a color for every project.

As the metal roofing coil supplier New Jersey with a long-standing reputation, our metal roofing coils and sheets come with many improvements, like:

metal coils and sheets in new jersey

Slitting and blanking capabilities for accurate order completion

Our slitting and blanking capabilities ensure quick and accurate order completion. Multi-layered colors give our metal sheets and coils depth, texture, and an unconventional look. We are one of the Kynar coils and sheets suppliers from where you can get lower costs and speedier pickup of shipment for any standard-size painted aluminum sheets, metal roofing coils, or painted aluminum coils.

Full coil is less expensive

To save costs, we will recommend you to buy a full coil, this is less expensive when the coil does not need to be cut into different widths. This is because the cost per square foot can increase by 10 to 25 cents if coils are processed to smaller diameters, thus increasing the coil processing cost by $250 to $350. If you need the material right away or plan to use it in the future, ordering the whole coil will be the best option for you.

Full slitting and cut-to-length capabilities

Our manufacturing facilities have full slitting and cut-to-length capabilities to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Coils and sheets are processed after an order is submitted; allowing us to custom slit and package your painted aluminum coils and other metal roofing coils. Custom color matching is offered to meet the architectural color palette of a project.

The Metal Supplier you can count on

We serve all areas across Maine, Vermont, Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and other locations.