AceClamp® Snow Guard

AceClamp® metal roof snow guards feature a unique non-penetrating sliding pin clamp, which helps to preserve your panel warranty and finish from installation damage.

  • Eliminate time wasted assembling clamps
  • Single tool install (plus torque)
  • Eliminates the need for set screws altogether
  • No re-torquing required
  • Helps to protect the roofing finish from installation damage by eliminating the need for screws. (See below diagrams)
  • AceClamp metal roof snow guards are built from premium grade aluminum and stainless materials that have Incredible holding power, durability, and longevity
metal roof snow guards
Sliding Clamp

Sliding Clamp

AceClamp ML® metal roof snow guards secure to roofing seams without the use of rotating screws, offering better than average finish protection.

Sliding Pin Clamp

Sliding Pin Clamp

AceClamp A2®: The worlds only roofing clamp that doesn't use set screws, protects the finish from all rotational forces applied by the conventional set screws during installation.



Single lock, Double lock, Snap Lock and more

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Snow Guard

A2® Non-Penetrating Metal Roof Clamp

Compatibility: Snow | Single-Lock

Snow Guard

A2®N™ Non-Penetrating Metal Roof Clamp for Nail Down Panels

Compatibility: Snow | Double-Lock | Snap-Lock

Snow Guard

A2®Nw™ Non-Penetrating Metal Roof Clamp for Nail Down Wide Panels

Compatibility: Snow | Snap-Lock-Short

Snow Guard

ML™ Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamps

Compatibility: Snow | Zip-Rib | Single-Lock | Double-Lock | T-Panel