7/8 Exposed Fastener Corrugate Panel

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Exposed fasteners are a popular option as these provide your metallic roof with a classic and rustic look. Moreover, these are less expensive as the installation is easier and faster. Corrugated panels have been in use for centuries and can withstand even the strongest winds and storms. Exposed fastener roofing systems require less hardware and accessories, there is no need for additional clips, less trim, or flashing. Corrugated metal panels use a repeating U-shaped wave or corrugation pattern in their design, and are widely known to provide exceptional structural stability.



For standing seam metal roofing, 1 inch pancake heads are the most typical screws to fasten the clips. For concealed fastener wall panels, 1 inch pancake heads are the most typical screws. For exposed fastener panels, corrugated 1 inch screws are the most common.

Roof slope matters for the use of exposed fasteners

The use of exposed fasteners corrugated 1 inch is limited to projects of specific roof slopes. While a higher roof slope causes rain and snow to slide off more quickly, a lower roof slope allows water and moisture to remain on the roof longer, and increase its chances of penetration through the fastener location. The washer provided by the exposed fastener corrugated 1 inch supplier will seal the hole but its incorrect installation would extend submersion of the washer, causing it to degrade. As such, exposed fasteners corrugated 1 inch are not appropriate for use in roof slopes below 1:12.

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