1/2 Exposed Fastener Corrugate Panel

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Exposed fasteners can be seen on top of the panel after the installation is completed, providing a classy look to your metal roof. The hardware is directly secured through the face of the panel with the underlying structure. As the panels overlap one-another, the exposed fastener is driven through both panels, its head remains visible on the outside of the building. Corrugated or PBR panels are examples of fastening metal panels. Exposed fastener wall panels are becoming increasingly popular in commercial-style buildings, and are also used in many domestic projects that want to give a classy look to their accommodation.



½ inch corrugated exposed fastener is among the most commonly used ones, and is easy to install also, thus reducing the cost of installation. Key features of exposed fasteners corrugated ½ inch

  • These are strong, providing durability to your structures
  • Can easily stand up to tough weather conditions
  • Are able to withstand imperfections better
  • Require fewer accessories
  • Use of lighter gauge makes exposed fasteners less expensive
  • Readily available

Less expensive and easy to install

As a leading exposed fastener corrugated ½ inch supplier, Northeast Metal Supplies provides the best quality exposed fasteners that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building but also improve its safety due to durable construction. Exposed panels act as fire barrier and rain screen, and also provide energy efficiency to your construction. Another advantage of using exposed fastener wall panels is that the fasteners can be matched to the metal color, making them less visible. Flexibility and versatility of exposed fastener corrugated ½ inch can be found in our entire line of exposed fasteners and wall panels.

As ½ inch corrugated exposed fasteners are directly fastened down to the structure through the metal, there is no need to buy any kind of clips. SMP paint system is the popular choice with exposed fastener corrugated ½ inch suppliers compared to PDVF paint which is typically used on standing seam systems.


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