Metal Roofing Tools, Equipment and Accessories.

Double lock-power seamer

Coated 1” Fasteners

Butyl Tape

Sealant tape

Closed Cell Backer Rod

HTP Underlayment Roll

Pan Clip SD MT Drilling Low

Galv 1″ Fasteners


Sealant tube

Snap Lock Standing Seam

Snap Loc clips 1.500”

Roof Underlayment - High Temperature Lastobond Pro HT-N

Synth Underlayment Roll

Black Rivets

Color Rivets

Standing Seam Fixed Clip

Mec Loc Clips 1.500”

Wuko Master equipment

Mec Loc Clips 1.500”

metal roofing decoiler mini

Mec Loc Clips 1.500”

Pipe Flashing Multi Colors

Mec Loc Clips 1.500”


Metal roofing products are vital for the performance and durability of your metal roof as low-grade products will result in issues with your metal roof, like leakages. Fasteners like nuts, bolts, washers, and screws provide a permanent union between the roof and the purlins. Leakage is one of the most common issues with metal roofs, and it often happens due to poorly installed fasteners, like over-tightened fasteners, under-tightened fasteners, or off-center fasteners. Installing the screw perpendicular to the metal surface allows the fastener to penetrate the metal panel with less effort, and also permits the washer to seal correctly.

Sealant tape is one of the popular metal roofing products New York which is used where air airtight seal is required. It provides seal against fluids, dust, gases, moisture, and noise. Northeast Metal Supplies has sealant tapes that adhere well to metal surfaces, and do not harden or bleed. Sealant tube, another metal roofing product, is used for closing the gap on seams, joints, and around fasteners on metal roofs. Our sealant tubes can be used on a variety of surfaces including galvanized steel, aluminum, corrugated steel, copper, and zinc.

Northeast Metal Supplies has some of the most widely used metal roofing products that are often required by the crew working on metal roofing projects including:

  • Coated fasteners
  • Sealant tape
  • Color rivets
  • Synth underlayment roll
  • Sealant tube
  • Mec Loc clips, and more

Color rivets, clips and more

Rivets are designed to attach trim on standing seam metal roofing and fabrication items. These metal roofing products are available at Northeast Metal Supplies in many colors that can be easily installed on all types of metal roofing projects. Our collection of metal roofing clips, like fixed clips, floating clips, batten clips, and cleats are designed to perform differently for different types of metal roofing projects. Our metal roofing products New York are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and integrity of your structure.