Pipe Flashing For Metal Roofing To Prevent Water From Entering Your Structure

If you are a professional metal roofer, you will often need pipe flashing for metal roofing to ensure that there is no leakage around protrusions through the metal roof, like pipes and chimneys. Flashings can be made of many types of materials, but the most flexible and durable ones are made of metal. These come as thin pieces of impervious metal and are installed at strategic junctures of the roofing system, like chimneys, skylights, roof valleys, vents, and ridges. These can be reconfigured with a non-continuous profile to prevent water from entering your structures.

Pipe flashing offers a quick and easy way to flash a penetration coming through a roof with a matching color. The clearly marked diameters on the pipe flashing for metal roofing allow it to accommodate a broad range of sizes.

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Pipe flashings in many sizes and colors

Our collection of pipe flashing for metal roofing is designed to seal hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. The pipe flashing comes in many sizes, and when used with tight seals and a strong flexible base, these serve as a great fit for commercial, residential, industrial, and general vent pipe flashing.

Square base pipe flashing for metal roofing can be easily customized on the jobsite using pipe diameter markings on each flashing. Aluminum base of the flashings can conform easily to any panel configuration or roof pitch. You can also choose from the round base or retrofit round base zipper pipe flashings as per the needs of your project.

Pro tip for using the right size of pipe flashing

Do not use the smallest boot available for the pipe you need to flash, or the one that is barely big enough, as you will lose all the extra flexibility required to accommodate the roof slope and movement of the roof panels. For the most common pipe sizes of 2-4,” you should go to a No. 4 pipe boot for a 4” pipe. For hot pipes, such as furnaces and wood-burning stoves, choose silicone pipe flashing for metal roofing as pipe boots made of EPDM can break down prematurely at hot temperatures. Our best-quality pipe flashings for metal roofing resist cracking, ultraviolet rays, and weathering. All our products are offered with a 20-year warranty.

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