Choosing Metal Roofing For Your Projects



Clip for metal roofing is used to attach metal panel to a substrate, such as a roof deck or other material. Also known as cleats, these are used to fasten whatever is underneath the metal panels, like purlins, before the panel is attached. It eliminates the need to drive screws through the panels themselves, thus eliminating the associated issues like thermal-induced hole elongation, seal deterioration, and fastener corrosion.

A floating clip for metal roofing is a two-piece clip that is seamed into the panel’s vertical leg. Also known as expansion and contraction clip, this one-piece clip available with metal roof panel clips supplier Maine is used with snap lock standing seam system. Due to its design, a two-piece clip allows for a small amount of movement with expansion and contraction.

Fixed clips have no moving parts, so they can expand and contract with the roof’s substrate. Low can high clips are determined by height. Low clip for metal roofing is used for projects with rigid foam or fiberglass insulation of up to 4 inches, while a high clip is used on rigid foam or fiberglass with up to 6 inches of insulation.

While choosing clips for metal roofing, make sure that it

  • Provides a higher standoff
  • Permits insulation to pass between the roof panel and the substrate at structural attachment points
  • Do not use a clip that is not too tall or tall enough to accommodate insulation as the roofing system may not perform correctly.

Other factors to consider

Also consider how much insulation will be needed, or if no insulation is required, the thickness of insulation, the substrate material, and the area where the project is located. High clips can increase performance when you have insulation while floating clips should be used in areas where the temperature fluctuates to accommodate for the expansion and contraction.

Our collection of clips for metal roofing is available in a wide variety of metals and gauges for snap locks, architectural panels, and mechanical seams. Our metal roof panel clips supplier Maine can help you identify the optimal clips for metal roofing and fastener for your particular standing seam roofing project.