Exposed Fastener R Panels Supplier


R panel roofing is a metal roof made of 36” metal panels that have raised ribs and a flat area in between. The panels are used in residential and commercial roofing applications, and can also be used as siding. R panels come in different gauges, ranging from 22 to 29 gauge, but 26 gauge is the most commonly used thickness. These are one of the most cost-effective panels, and are best suited for the constructions where budge is more important than appearance.

R panels are fastened using exposed fastener R panel that penetrate the panel. The installation process for exposed fastener R panel is faster and simpler compared to a concealed fastener system. Once you get them from exposed fastener R panel supplier, you expect to reduce your installation cost by 30% to 50%, compared to a standing seam metal roofing.

Preventing high winds from blowing off the roof

R panel is compatible with most roofs, and requires a minimum pitch of 3:12. If your metal roof has a pitch lower than 3:12, your exposed fastener R panel supplier may suggest you to use a rather deeper exposed fastener panel, such as standing seam panel.

Exposed fasteners R panel are always placed in the lowest part of the panel, whether it is being used as roofing or siding. This will ensure a secure attachment to the structure, and helps prevent high winds from blowing panels off the roof.

R panel is offered in more color options than most other metal panels. You can find them both in the premium PVDF or more affordable SMP paints. In some instances, a 26 gauge SMP paint is the correct product but for other uses, the product should be heavier gauge PVDF.