Exposed Fastener C 1.5” X 36” To Resist Lateral Movement Of Panels


Exposed fastener panels are easy to install and are highly versatile also. The panels feature a bold profile with varying widths and depths to suit any structural or architectural design requirement of a metal roofing project. Profiles A and B, both may be used for wall systems.

These are available in:

  • Heavy gauge galvalume
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Copper, and
  • Stainless steel

Positive attachment of sheets shall be provided to resist uplift forces, and one fastener shall be placed near the corner of each sheet, or at the overlapping corners of sheets. Along each supporting member, the spacing of fasteners shall not exceed 12 inches in the center, or 8-inches at the ends of sheets.

Appropriate spacing is important

Exposed fasteners C 1.5” x 36” may be required for a project based on the material used, and the design of the metal roof. As a leading exposed fasteners C 1.5” x 36” supplier, and other metal roofing items and accessories, you can order the best quality exposed fasteners C 1.5′ x 36” for your metal roofing construction. The spacing of exposed fasteners C 1.5” x 36” between panels and supporting members, edge fasteners between panels, and where continuous interlocking is otherwise not provider, shall not be more than 12 inches or 305 mm at the center. As your exposed faster C 1.5 “ x 36’ supplier would inform you, fastening shall be done by the approved fastening device, bolting or welding, in order to provide resistance to lateral movement of the panel.